Mindful Implementation: Maximizing impacts while honouring workload

by Bryn Spence and Mairi McDermott


Bryn Spence, MEd [corresponding author] - University of Calgary
Dr. Mairi McDermott, PhD - University of Calgary


Eleven Unexpected Lessons of Research Writing

 by Laura Brass


Laura Brass is a recent MEd - TESL graduate from the University of Calgary. Her career spans over 15-years of experience teaching English for various purposes (e.g., EFL, ESL, EAP, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL). Her research foci include language awareness, multilingual acquisition, language and identity, ESL curricula and material design, and digital literacies.


Individual Pursuits as Project-based Learning

by Janice Dinel and Lori Vigfusson


Janice Dinelhas been a teacher at New Horizons School since 2001. In that time, she has taught a variety of grade levels and different courses. Her love for technology drives her to seek learning opportunities for her students that enhance their skill sets. Throughout her 16 years of experience with gifted learners, she has come to understand their unique needs. She strives to incorporate a more project-based learning approach in her teaching as a way to engage and push gifted learners to be creative problem solvers in a collaborative environment. This action research project was borne out of this need to provide this approach, but yet preserve the unique learning needs of each student.


Developing Teachers: Reflections on Self-Regulated Learning in Professional Graduate Education

by Elaine Kessy, Sarah Eaton, Jennifer Lock


Elaine Kessy, MEd
Doctoral Student
Werklund School of Education
University of Calgary


Managing Challenging Classroom Behaviours Through a Trauma Informed Lens

by Shawna Walter


Shawna Walter has taught all grades, Kindergarten to Grade 12, over the past 24 years and worked for four different school boards as both a French as a second language teacher and homeroom teacher. She moved into administration four years ago and is currently a Vice Principal in Sturgeon School Division.


Teaching English Academic Writing in the Second Language Classroom and Beyond

by Anna Wing-bo Tso and Winnie Siu-yee Ho


Anna Wing-bo Tso received her PhD in Applied Linguistics from The University of Birmingham, U.K. She is associate professor of English and Comparative Literature at The Open University of Hong Kong, where she directs the Digital Humanities Research Centre and heads the Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics. Her most recent books include Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students (Springer, 2017) and Academic Writing for Arts and Humanities Students (McGraw-Hill Education, 2016).


A Call to Personal Research: Indigenizing Your Curriculum

 by Adrienne Castellon, EdD

Assistant Professor and Stream Director for Masters of Educational Leadership, Trinity Western University