A Synthesis of Action Research on Response to Intervention

By Jessica Sliva        

With inclusive learning becoming the norm, schools are faced with the challenge of making sure all students succeed. To target students who are at risk of failing, many schools have begun to implement a Pyramid Response to Intervention model, also known as RTI or PRTI. The purpose of this article is to synthesis teacher research from the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement that speaks to the issue of Response to Intervention. In this article, I will attempt to answer the question: “How might Response to Intervention help teachers’ work?”

From 2000- 2013, the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) provided “targeted funding to school authorities to improve student learning and enhance student engagement and performance” (Alberta Education- About AISI) through the assistance of the Alberta Government. Districts completed Action Research projects in 3-year cycles based on needs they wished to address in their districts. Because AISI focused on addressing and solving problems at the school and district level that could hinder school improvement, I was interested in looking at how schools used the Pyramid Response to Intervention to address the needs of at-risk students, as well as what successes and challenges teachers found as they engaged Respons to Intervention as a teaching process.


Why Research Matters

Some wise people at Brock University in Ontario (http://www.brocku.ca/research-at-brock/research-matters) have this message on their web page.


Within Brock University are researchers working diligently, tenaciously, tirelessly to better understand the world around us, with the aim of sharing that knowledge outside of Brock’s walls.


VIDEO: The Power of Stories

This short video (app 12 minutes) explains why story-telling is key to sense-making and why we need to think through and tell stories about our work so that others can better understand not just what we do but what it means to do what we do.


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VIDEO: Rethinking Equity - The Critical Driver of Educational Policy

Stephen Murgatroyd narrates a fascinating and wide-ranging presentation that explores the links between educational inequity and social inequity, and contrasts the 'GERM' (Global Educational Reform Movement) model with the 'Equity' model - advocating for the latter as a better framework for educational policy and a key driver for positive social change.  

This presentation is based on material from the book  which was co-authored by Stephen Murgatroyd and JC Couture (Alberta Teachers Association).


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