J-C Couture

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Alberta Teachers’ Association

Dr. J-C Couture is Associate Coordinator, Research with the Alberta Teachers' Association, and is responsible for coordinating the ATA’s research program at the provincial level. Strategic planning ofresearch activities; initiating and supervising research projects; and liaising with local, national and international research communities on education issues all fall within the scope of his duties. 

J-C has worked with the ATA as an executive staff officer for more than 12 years, and has had a wide variety of responsibilities, including leading research projects and fostering working relationships with members of provincial, national and international research communities, and is also facilitator of the ATA's international research partnership with Finland.  Prior to joining the Association, Couture taught at Harry Collinge High School, in Hinton, was a sessional instructor at two postsecondary institutions and a curriculum consultant with Alberta ­Education. He was also highly involved in Association activities at both the ­provincial and local levels.

In addition to a PhD and MEd from the University of Alberta, Couture holds a BA from McGill University.