Submissions to  the Canadian Journal For Teacher Research can be submitted in one of three categories:

Teacher Research – An article by a teacher researcher which  documents the rationale for the research, the research process (methods and data) and analysis and an insightful look at the implications of this work for teachers, school administrators, systems administrators and policy makers where it is relevant to do so.

Teachers'  Voices - An article by a teacher researcher about best practice and experience.

Doing Teacher Research – An article describing the practice and process of action research in schools and school systems, including methods, tools and approaches to barriers.  All articles should be relevant to readers, written in plain English and be focused on helping those reading or viewing the material to understand the implications for practice.

If, in addition to the article itself, you submit an opinion video or text about the meaning of this work  (between 650 and 850 words or 3-4 minutes of video) it will appear as a blog or short video on the Journal site.


General Article Requirements


Cover Page

The title should be in 14 point, bolded, italicized, in Times New Roman, and centered on the cover page with authors’ name(s) and rank four spaces below the title in 12 point and centered. Include institutional affiliations and authors’ e-mail addresses.

Abstract Page

All manuscripts should include an abstract following the title page. Include the title of the article above the abstract. Limit the abstract to approximately 150 words or less, single-spaced.

Body of Manuscript

• Use APA guidelines in preparing the manuscript. See http://www.apa.org/pubs/authors/new-author-guide.pdf for formatting information.

• The Canadian Journal of Teacher Research accepts manuscripts of varying lengths – if length adjustments are required, the editors will contact authors. For Teacher Research and Doing Teacher Research the articles should be scholarly and well referenced. Articles for Teachers Voice also need to be anchored in practice, contain some reference to relevant material but are expected to be focused and shorter (1,000 – 1,500 words).

• Leave a single space before and after headings.

• Use 12 point font size.

• Use Times New Roman font.

• Use 1″ margins throughout the document.

• References and citations should also be prepared using APA guidelines. All table, appendices, footnotes, and bibliographic information will be placed at the end of the article in 12 point Times New Roman.


Statement of Originality

Please also add this line to your email:  "This manuscript represents original research and is not under consideration for publication in any other journal, conference proceedings, book, or encyclopedia."

In your email conveying a video, please make clear whether this has been posted on other sites (including You Tube).


How to Submit

To submit an article, blog and/or video for consideration, please email jim.parsons@ualberta.ca