Enhancing Literacy Instruction


What skills and strategies do teachers need to facilitate the development of literacy skills in all learners?


How To Teach Multiliteracies?

by Shampa Biswas
Washington State University



Reframing the Puzzle: Collaborating for Multi-Literacy Instruction


Kurtis Hewson
Faculty of Education,  University of Lethbridge


VIDEO SERIES: Literacy - The Whole Story

"Literacy:  The Whole Story" is a compelling series of high-quality videos produced by Teachers Media International, a UK-based service dedicated to providing video-based content and resources aimed at the ongoing professional development of educators.


Thinking About Twitter-acy

by Jim Parsons

Recently I read an online interview with Rey Junco, associate professor at Purdue University and a faculty associate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. The interview led me to think further about how we might use Twitter in classrooms.


Why Literacy Is A Major Challenge For Alberta

by Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD

On measures of adult literacy, according to the OECD (see here for a complete report) Canada ranks 10th on scores of adult literacy using the five point scale of literacy widely in use for such comparisons. Ahead of us are Japan, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Estonia, Slovak Republic and Belgium. Put simply: we are at or about the OECD average.


Uplifting the Teaching Profession

By Jim Parsons and Dennis Shirley

The piles of contradictory research available about education today can be baffling. Some days, we feel we have no choice but to just throw up our hands in despair. How shall these conflicts be sorted out? Foundationally, we believe no sorting out will occur without teachers in the room. Teachers know much that often doesn’t find its way into policy. Here’s one thing we know. The task of including teachers in policy building is crucial because the conditions under which teachers work cannot be removed from their abilities to help students learn. This begs the question: What do teachers need to do their work well?