Exploring Our Experiences With Place-based Learning

by Naomi Radawiecnradawiec

 Vancouver Island University


Increasing Completion and Reducing Drop-out Rates by Enhancing Social Connectedness in High School

By Sandra L. Dame, David Peat, John Burger

Sandra L. Dame, PhD.
Clinical Supervisor
Alberta Health Services


So How Am I Doing?: How School Leaders Collect and Use Feedback

by Rebekah Benoit 

Rebekah Benoit completed her Masters degree at the University of Calgary in 2017. During her 10-year teaching career in Alberta, she was fortunate to work with many talented administrators, who inspired her to focus her research on educational leadership and how communication and relationship-building between principals and teachers positive benefits students and schools. Rebekah currently lives in Montana with her husband and three daughters, and looks forward to the next phase of her educational journey as she pursues her PhD. 


A Call to Personal Research: Indigenizing Your Curriculum

 by Adrienne Castellon, EdD

Assistant Professor and Stream Director for Masters of Educational Leadership, Trinity Western University


Measuring cognitive engagement

By Kendal Toll, Michelle A. Drefs, and Jennifer Lock

University of Calgary