VIDEO: The Power of Stories

This short video (app 12 minutes) explains why story-telling is key to sense-making and why we need to think through and tell stories about our work so that others can better understand not just what we do but what it means to do what we do.


VIDEO: The Role of Teachers As Leaders and Innovators - A Discussion


featuring Jean Stiles, Dustin Bajer and Andy Hargreaves


VIDEO: The Importance of Teacher Research and Collaboration

Featuring Stephen Murgatroyd and Andy Hargreaves


VIDEO SERIES: Literacy - The Whole Story

"Literacy:  The Whole Story" is a compelling series of high-quality videos produced by Teachers Media International, a UK-based service dedicated to providing video-based content and resources aimed at the ongoing professional development of educators.


VIDEO: Teachers As Researchers

Featuring JC Couture and Jim Parsons